Radius PDR 121

Long Range Wireless Modem

  • Wide Area Coverage
  • Remote Diagnostics
  • Collision Avoidance Technology
  • Real-Time Radio System Monitoring
  • 128-bit Encryption
  • Dual RS232 Ports
  • Ethernet Port (TCP, UDP, IP, SNMP)

The Radius PDR 121 is an advanced digital data radio modem. It  offers wide area network coverage for remote control telemetry and SCADA  applications. The  data interfaces are two  RS232 and one Ethernet ports. The PDR 121 is designed for both point-to-multipoint  and point-to-point  networks offering  up to 19kbps over-the-air data rate.

The PDR 121 supports event-trigged communication and has a  in-built collision management to maximise network throughput.  The data radio has secure 128 bit encryption. Build-in  Forward Error Correction (FEC) with data inter-leaving  can recover even the severely corrupted data messages.  Receiver sensitivity is very high enabling exceptional signal recovery.

Protocols supported include DNP3, IEC870, MODBUS, Comli, Cooper 2179.